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PIERRE Jewellery - About

PIERRE, the jewellery company, produces gold and platinum jewellery adorned with diamonds. We do not cater to the mass market and refrain from imitating other brands' designs. Our customers are not interested in paying excessive prices for a brand name and are unwilling to compromise on their standards. The quality of PIERRE's jewellery is upheld to the same standards as international brands.

We do not keep a large stock of expensive jewellery and adhere to the principles of lean consumption. We have our own manufacturing facility, a modern office, and a showroom. Our overhead costs are lower compared to traditional jewellery stores as we do not advertise our products, spam customers with mailings, or create unnecessary packaging. Instead, we invest in our jewellery and employ the finest craftsmen, passing on the savings to our customers. The cost of PIERRE's jewellery is three to five times lower than that of well-known brands and chain jewellery stores.

With our own manufacturing facility, our customers can expect to receive their jewellery either the next day or within two weeks of placing their orders, which is twice as fast as the average turnaround time in the jewellery market. If additional time is required due to the complexity of the work, we inform our customers in advance. We take responsibility for delivering our products to other cities. Regardless of their budget or the size of their order, we treat all our customers with equal respect. We would be delighted to have you as one of our loyal customers.

Our company's mission is to make the purchase of jewellery a simple and enjoyable process. Therefore, we honestly answer customers' questions and pay attention to their requirements and preferences. We offer consultations if a customer makes their first purchase and has doubts about their choice. We assist customers in understanding the details and finding a balance between price and quality. It is important for us that you have a clear understanding of the jewellery you are purchasing.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 9.98 out of 10. Customers highly recommend PIERRE to their friends, and some even share their positive experiences in video interviews.

We strive to bring happiness to people's lives. We work hard every day to ensure our clients' satisfaction. Here are the benefits you can expect:

- You will receive jewellery with high-quality diamonds as we closely monitor the manufacturing process of each piece.
- We offer free initial letters and other memorable engravings before sending your order.
- Your jewellery will be presented in a beautiful gift box.
- We provide free recommendations on caring for your jewellery and accurate information about diamonds.
- You can conveniently pay for your order using a bank card, transfer to our account, cash, or cryptocurrency.
- All our jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty.
- We offer complimentary cleaning for your PIERRE jewellery every 6 months.
- We cover all delivery costs and insurance for our jewellery during shipping.
- Your order will be insured, and you can track its progress using a tracking number. You can trust that it will be delivered safely and on time, personally handed to you by the courier.
- You can always reach out to PIERRE's diamond expert for any advice or guidance.