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Side Diamonds Engagement Rings

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Side Diamonds Engagement Rings

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Oval Diamond Ring

Price: 141,856€ Add to Bag
White gold 18K, White diamond
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Cushion 1/2 ct Yellow Diamond Ring with Halo

Price: 120,161€ Add to Bag
Golden mix 18K, White gold 18K, Various stones, Yellow diamond, White diamond
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Princess Black Diamond Ring

Price: 116,568€ Add to Bag
White gold 18K, Color diamond, Black diamond, White diamond
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Customer reviews for Side Diamonds Engagement Rings

  • Ilya, space engineer

    It's time to make a proposal to my girlfriend. At PIERRE, we were surrounded by care, expertancy and diamonds, and no chance to leave without purchase. My fiancée Mariya chose the ...

    Ilya, space engineer

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FAQ about Side Diamonds Engagement Rings in Belguim

What are the advantages of side diamonds in engagement rings?

Side diamonds in engagement rings add brilliance and elegance to the overall design. PIERRE Jewellery offers a stunning collection of these rings, ensuring your love is celebrated with style and sophistication.

Where can I find exquisite side diamonds engagement rings in Belgium?

You can explore our beautiful side diamonds engagement rings on the PIERRE Jewellery website, offering high-quality options for engagements in Belgium.

Do side diamonds in engagement rings require special care?

Yes, to maintain their brilliance, clean side diamonds engagement rings regularly with a mild solution. PIERRE Jewellery provides care instructions to ensure your ring remains captivating.

Can I customize an engagement ring with side diamonds?

Certainly! PIERRE Jewellery offers customization services, allowing you to design a unique engagement ring with side diamonds tailored to your preferences, from selecting the perfect diamonds to crafting the setting.
Prices for Side Diamonds Engagement Rings in Belgium
Asymmetrical Side Pave Engagement Ring Rose Gold 60,123€
Oval Diamond Side Marquise and Round Stones Ring White Gold 85,226€
1 carat Yellow Pear Diamond with 2 Hearts Ring 784,600€
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