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FAQ about PIERRE Jewellery

Who are you?

PIERRE, the jewelry company, manufactures gold and platinum jewelry with gems for those who value quality and do not overpay for the brand. Our goal is to make the selection and ordering of jewelry an honest, simple, and regular event.

The best thing we can do is to manufacture classic jewelry: rings with one diamond, rings with diamond paths, carnations with round and square diamonds, jewelry with colored diamonds, and rings with emeralds.

We pay respect to our customers in the same manner whether they have a limited budget or make large expensive orders. We will be glad to see you among our regular customers.


Where are your manufacturing capacities located?

The PIERRE’s workshop and showroom are located in the same country where you place your order. We meet our customers in the showroom, which is part of our modern office. This allows us to save on costs and share our savings with you.

PIERRE sells only jewelry of its own manufacture. We make each jewelry item on an individual basis.


How much do your services cost?

The cost of our jewelry is indicated on the product page. In some models, you have the option to choose parameters that affect the price. This is convenient if your budget for purchase is limited.

If this is your first purchase, we help you gain insight into the details and find a balance between price and quality. It is important for us that you know exactly what jewelry you are buying. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice!

The cost of PIERRE’s jewelry is 3 to 5 times lower than that of world brands and chain jewelry. We do not keep a large range of jewelry in stock, do not rent spacious boutiques, and do not meet you in expensive interiors. We do not have illiquid goods with discounts because each of our jewelry products necessarily finds its owner. We offer a good price at once. We share our savings with you.


Do you provide a guarantee? Will you not deceive me?

PIERRE Jewellery has been operating since 2016. We work according to the principle: "It is economically profitable to be honest." Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 10 out of 10. Our customers recommend PIERRE to their friends, and some of them talk about it in their video interviews.

We are proud of the quality of our jewelry, so we invite customers and those who doubt to compare our jewelry with other brands using a magnifying glass and assure themselves of the skills of PIERRE’s jewelers.

A jewelry item made of 18K gold and 950 platinum is subject to mandatory stamping. 

All diamonds weighing more than 0.30 carats are internationally certified by GIA, HRD, IGI, GLS, or MSU laboratories. The GIA certificate number is engraved on most diamonds and can be checked in the database on the laboratory’s website. 


Are there any certificates for your products?

We work only with natural diamonds independently certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This organization evaluates precious gems and sets strict international quality standards in the industry.

The GIA certificate number is engraved on a diamond, written on its paper certificate, and is in the world database of the laboratory. Using a magnifying glass, you can check the number on the stone against the one indicated in the documents. This is a warranty on the quality and genuineness of your diamond.

Other laboratories and certificates may have low counterfeit protection, have less stringent evaluation items, and overestimate characteristics for the commercial benefit of retailers.


Where do you get your gems from?

The technology of tracking the entire path of the diamond from being mined to becoming a jewelry product is improving every year. More and more large brands and diamond-cutting enterprises provide information about the country of origin of the diamond. This is less than 5% of all gems for the time being.

Most of the diamonds in the world are mined in Russia by Alrosa CJSC and in Africa by De Beers. Then the raw materials are sold in large lots at closed auctions. Professional market players buy thousands of carats of rough diamonds. Part of the lot is cut for sale, and part is sold uncut to other diamond cutters.

The cut diamond is sent for certification. GIA is the strictest gemological laboratory. The gem with such a certificate has laser engraving on the girdle, and the GIA certificate number is in the international database. It is almost impossible to fabricate such a certificate.

The diamond with its certificate is bought by manufacturers of jewelry. For jewelers, it is important to see the following characteristics of a diamond: cut quality, color, clarity, polishing, and symmetry. The origin of the diamond does not affect its price. A well-cut diamond with high characteristics certified can come from any region in the world.

The diamond gets to the customer in the form of a jewelry item. The customer also checks the GIA certificate number and the characteristics of the diamond.

We talk in detail about the cut quality, diamond mining regions, the "Russian cut", and varieties of certificates in the PIERRE Journal.


How long do I have to wait until the jewelry is ready?

We have our own manufacturing facility; so, our customers receive jewelry 3 weeks after making their orders, which is twice faster as in the jewelry market on average. If we need additional time for manufacturing due to the complexity of the work, we warn our customers in advance.

Popular jewelry models are always available. You can buy a ready-made jewelry item if you don’t have time to wait.


Why should I wait so long?

We can’t speed up the process. We reserve enough time not to spoil your plans.


Can it be manufactured promptly?

We aim to reduce manufacturing time. We have semi-manufactured products for the express manufacture of some models. Ask the PIERRE’s expert to show you ready-made jewelry.

Popular jewelry models are always available. You can buy a ready-made jewelry item if you don’t have time to wait.


What advance payment should I make? How should I pay?

If you come to the showroom, you can pay for your item by card through the terminal or in cash. If you want to pay remotely, we will send you a payment link or you can pay for your order in the shopping cart of the online store. To start manufacturing, you need to pay 50% to 100% of the total sum in advance depending on the jewelry model you ordered. The rest of the sum should be paid on the day of receipt in the showroom or before your jewelry item is sent by courier.


Do you deliver your jewelry?

The delivery of a ready-made jewelry item is carried out always subject to 100% payment in advance and with full insurance of sending. We insure and deliver our jewelry products free of charge. 


Will you manufacture a copy of famous jewelry brands?

We respect the work of all jewelers. Professional ethics does not allow us to make copies of branded jewelry. We don’t manufacture a Cartier bracelet, a Bvlgari ring, and Louis Vuitton Monograms; we don’t manufacture Van Cliff enamel clovers and Chanel lions and SS; we don’t enchase watches with diamonds.

A copy is always worse than the original. We don’t want you to find yourself in an embarrassing situation.


Can you repair my jewelry? Is it possible to remake it into a new one?

The manufacturer should be responsible for its work. If the jewelry broke, give it to the place where you purchased it for repair.

We do not repair other manufacturers’ jewelry, do not correct mistakes of other jewelers, and do not remake old jewelry into new ones.


Can you manufacture jewelry from my gems and my gold?

No, we can’t. We choose the materials for the manufacture with due diligence. The quality of PIERRE’s materials meets the standards of world jewelry houses.

Using clients’ gold and gems does not guarantee high-quality work, and it is associated with high risks.


Do you work only with diamonds?

Most of all, we like to work with colored and white diamonds. Among the colored gems, we like and respect sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Sometimes, we come up with designs with semi-precious gems and diamonds. You can find all our ideas related to jewelry on our website.


Can I change the ring size?

Don’t worry if you made a mistake with the size and the ring didn’t fit you. We’ll change the size of your ring once free of charge so that it fit perfectly.

To change the size of rings made of platinum and those of some designs, it is necessary to completely remake them. The PIERRE’s expert will warn you about this and recommend another model or use 18K white gold instead of platinum.

There are many ways to determine the size of a girl’s ring so that she does not find out about it, but still the most reliable is to measure the finger at the jeweler.


I’m in another city and I don’t know how to find out the size of my finger.

The best way to find out your finger size in any city is to go to the jewelry store. The consultants will measure your finger or ring or provide you with some samples.

And then you will tell us this size.