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White Gold Earrings

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White gold
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White Gold Earrings

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Black Diamond Hoop Earrings

Price: 99,840€ Add to Bag
White gold 18K, Color diamond, Black diamond
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5 mm Black Diamond Studs with Detachable Halo Jackets

Price: 118,190€ Add to Bag
Various stones, Color diamond, Black diamond, White diamond, White gold 18K
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5 mm black diamond stud earrings

Price: 93,264€ Add to Bag
Black diamond, Color diamond, White gold 18K
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Hoop Black and White Diamond Earrings White Gold

Price: 153,075€ Add to Bag
Color diamond, Various stones, Black diamond, White diamond, White gold 18K
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Customer reviews for White Gold Earrings

  • Dmitry, medical chemist

    I would like to buy a beautiful ring to my girlfriend. I have chosen PIERRE, because I could come to the showroom and see the rings. It was important to me. I couldn't make a decis...

    Dmitry, medical chemist

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FAQ about White Gold Earrings in Belguim

What distinguishes White Gold Earrings, making them a coveted choice in the world of fine jewellery?

White Gold Earrings are celebrated for their elegant and contemporary appeal. PIERRE Jewellery offers these exquisite pieces, highlighting the radiance of white gold that complements various styles. The versatility of white gold allows it to effortlessly blend with both casual and formal attire, making it a sought-after choice for those with a discerning taste in fine jewellery.

Where can I explore a diverse collection of White Gold Earrings in Belgium near me?

To discover a diverse collection of White Gold Earrings, visit PIERRE Jewellery in Belgium. Our thoughtfully curated selection showcases a variety of styles, sizes, and settings, ensuring you find the perfect pair of White Gold Earrings that align with your unique preferences.

What makes White Gold an exceptional choice for crafting contemporary jewellery at PIERRE Jewellery?

White gold is highly admired for its modern and chic appearance. At PIERRE Jewellery, we use this precious metal to craft contemporary White Gold Earrings that reflect the current fashion trends. The versatility and sleekness of white gold are expertly incorporated into our designs, ensuring that our earrings complement your style and enhance your overall look.

How can I maintain the exquisite shine of my White Gold Earrings from PIERRE Jewellery?

To keep your White Gold Earrings looking stunning, clean them gently with a soft cloth, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, and store them in a jewelry box when not in use. PIERRE Jewellery provides valuable tips and guidance on preserving the brilliance of your White Gold Earrings, ensuring they remain as captivating as the day you acquired them.
Prices for White Gold Earrings in Belgium
Sapphire Stud Earrings with Detachable Diamond Halo Jacket 60,429€
Diamond and Sapphire Hoop Earrings White Gold 135,247€
Heart Shape Diamond Stud Earrings White Gold 123,478€
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